Friday, May 7, 2010

The Paladin Charger to (alliance side)

This is one of my "Stuff to get done before Cat" walkthroughs.  The paladin questline is full of nice lore, and I think it's well-worth the gold and trouble.  You start with two quests, the Work of Grimand Elmore and Emphasis on Sacrifice.
So, starting with the work quest, you'll need to go get some stuff.  Grab your Argent Dawn commission and clear Stratholme for holy water.  Ideally grab 10 so you can also do a turn in quest at Light's Hope.  Then you just need 10 Arthas Tears (herb, generally found in W and E Plaguelands), 40 pieces of runecloth, and 6 arcanite bars (made via an alchemy transmute).  Running Strat should also get you to friendly with the Argent Dawn so you can get mana biscuits, head to Southshore, and get your horse food.

At this point you need to get the sacrifice questline done.  Go give some gold, get your censor, and head to the northwestern corner of Eastern Plaguelands.  Stand in green circles, cense them, and slaughter.   Return to your questgiver and prepare for some more dungeon-running

 Then here's the fun bit... Dire Maul West.

Assuming you've never set foot there, the easiest thing to do is to run into Dire Maul East, die, then run back into Dire Maul West.  It saves you running East for the key.
Now, you don't have to do all of West.  In fact, all you need to do is....
kill all the big patrolling tree guys in the first room.  Be careful, they knock back!  Then you head to the next room, down the stairs, and slaughter the boss.  The horse should then show up, talk to it, and get your barding blessed.  Then grab a Azerothian diamond and a pristine black diamond, and head back to Grayson.
Note: I did need to respec Adowa to prot for this, since she wasn't quite high enough level-wise to easily survive as ret.

Now you're almost done.  Just need to get into Scholo, clear down to the Osstuary and do some judging.  I ran into a slight hitch with needing the key to Scholo, and then getting hopelessly lost and then forgetting my satchel.
So, if you need the key here's the wowhead link to the questline
Otherwise, head in, and jump off the walkway to the right.  Kill stuff. Stay close to the wall, take the door on the left, and slowly make your way through the whelps room, down the stairs, and you're where you need to be.  Kill Rattlegore and all the other skelies, then make sure you have your judgements ready to go.  Your order is Wisdom, Justice, Righeousness, Light.
You'll get 2-4 spirits spawning, slaughter them, and repeat till the Aspect pops.  Kill him, switch judgments, and repeat.  The last series spawns slower, so don't worry.  Once the last Aspect dies, the death knight appears.  Kill him, use the soul in your bags (make sure it's in your bags first or it's a long ride back from the bank), and then you have your very own personalized charger.

I ended up waiting till 73 because I am paranoid, and also because I got distracted.  I did end up clearing Scholo by myself, and the only real problems I had were getting lost and forgetting my quest items.  Luckily the dungeon didn't reset, so I was able to hearth, grab them, clean out my bags, and head back.

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