Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arena Toons!

Okay, so I rolled my 3 toons, and um, this is the greatest thing ever and how did I not know about this?  Dwarf braids!  And they spin!  Now why isn't this hairstyle available for my nelves?  I want this hairstyle Blizz!

So yes, that is my dwarf priest, spec'd pvp disc/pvp shadow.  I also rolled a gnome frost mage and a space goat ret pally.  And yes, the gnome is ridiculously cute, and if I didn't have issues with the short, I would so roll one just like her.  But having to mount just to be able to see, yeah, not going to work for me.

Yes, I posted just to show you spinning dwarf braids.  Now, back to pally leveling...


  1. Those braids are the only reason I'm going to make a dwarf shaman once cataclysm comes out. They are amazing and had I known they existed when I rolled my priest.. she might actually have been dwarf.

  2. They are very awesome. I'm actually pondering rerolling or race changing my mage to a dwarf now. Can't change my priest cause I am way too enamored of hiding heals in pvp. Yay Shadowform.