Friday, May 14, 2010

Well, that was annoying....

I got into a Black Temple pug tonight.  Full clear, only one wipe, which isn't bad at all for a PUG, especially one where not everyone is 80 and geared to the nines.

I did run into a new species of druid I'd never seen.  Dickus Leetus Arboretus.  I ended up putting him on ignore halfway through the run, since he had decided that telling us over and over again that he was the best healer there and how leet he was, ect.  That stuff gets old, especially when I look at Recount's Heals and Absorbs and well, I think the caps speak for themselves.

So if you're going to claim AWESOME ELITENESS OF HEALING, be able to back it up.  Cause otherwise, well, I assume you're overcompensating, and treat you as a joke.  An annoying joke, a joke with a FSKING special character in their name, but still a joke.  And just as an aside, people with special characters in your names, I hate you all.  I cannot type your names, and I never plan to.  Having to go look up a special characters table just so you can be Legolas or Killbot or something else, well, it does not make you cool.

At the end Skull of somebody or other drops.  I look, think "ooh, a nice replacement for Mark of the War Prisoner" for my shadow set.   I roll, and hey 100.  Yays, trinket is mine.  But noes, trinket goes to dickus.  Who has pretty decent gear with a lowest ilevel of 251, compared to my lowest ilevel of 200 (stupid offhand).

Just kinda annoyed me.  If it had been a heroic Solace or something like that, I'd be really pissed, but the Skull, while nice, is not that important to me.  Oh, and his trinkets were Purified Lunar Dust and Sliver of Pure Ice.  No clue how good those are for restoration.

I got to see the content, which was important to me, but now I feel like the raid was tainted.  Like if he hadn't been there it would have been better.   But now I know not to go on any raids he's on, or on any raids run by that leader.  And I got an achievement out of it.

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