Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Well, it's another tuesday which means RANDOM THOUGHTS! (and yes, blogger says it is Wednesday, but in my world Tuesday isn't over till after I've gone to bed.  Yes, I just ignore the midnight day change thing)

I came up with the perfect worgen caster name, so I rolled a placeholder rogue (had to delete Aidelyn to do so, sadly).  I blame the datamined caster animations for female worgen.  Very cool-looking.

I've also been pvping more, on all my toons.  Though it is fail of a rather amusing sort when my elemental spec'd lvl 41 shaman is the top healer in Arathi, doubling the heals of any other toon.  Especially since I died.  A lot.  Squish, squish, squish.  I'm also getting slightly better at pvping on Lyllea, and just got enough honor for a mount.  I'm even (shock and horror!) pondering getting actual pvp gear.  The kind that doesn't come from VOA.  Oh, and one of those get out of jail free trinkets.  That'd be nice.

There was also a very odd toc 25.  I ended up tank healing (I never do that, and while I'm not bad at it, I am VERY bad at staying alive while tank-healing.  Wicked tunnel vision issues).  I died on every fight I never die on (Twins, beasts, Anub) and didn't die in Faction Champs.  For the first time ever.  I always die in that fight.  I credit my survival to my pvp gear (yay quicker cooldown on Psychic Scream).

My druid hit 70 so she could do the Northrend orphan quests, and my pally hit 325 blacksmithing.  Finally over the thorium hump, thank goodness.

As far as the leaks of Cat, I did pay some attention to them (worgen models), but I am kinda trying to avoid lore and zone changes.  Don't care about being spoiled for class changes, since that's so fluid anyway, and I like seeing the new character models early, but I am actively avoiding further lore/zone spoilers.  I have a vague sense of what's going to happen, and that's good enough for me.  Until then, I'll raid (guild has a toc scheduled tomorrow, which should be fun) and level alts and maybe gear them and pvp and generally just relax and have fun.

Ooh, and in the rumors that are hopefully true department, I hear that the Horde on Shadow Council may be tired of Wintergrasp.  Or at least tired of the lack of challenge Alliance generally offers.  What can I say, most allies on my server really don't care.  Be nice if the Horde didn't too, so that we had it a bit more.  Not that I can say much, the last time I WGed, I got stuck on a column for the entire fight.  Brilliant me forgot there's no flying once the battle starts.

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