Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arena Tourney

I signed up for the Tournament because well, I want the pet.  I have a guildie in the same boat, and we need a third.  Anyone just in it for the pet and want to play?  We don't care about winning or losing, we just want our murlocs.

I'm also trying to figure out what I want to play.  I know she's thinking either priest (probably holy) or shaman, and while I really like the idea of a plate wearer (yay survivability) I know that melee dps is not something I'm good at.  I have mobility issues.  So I'm trying to figure out if I go disc priest (yay familiar spec and abilities), go hunter (again familiar abilities) or try another class.  I could also try holy pally, but I probably shouldn't play a healer if she wants to play a healer.

I do like the idea of a mage, but since my highest level mage is 30, it may not be the best idea.  A boomkin's a possibility, or a lock (which has the same problem as the mage).  No matter what I'm going to be learning a completely new way to play so is it really going to make a difference if I'm learning a new class on top of it?  Plus, playing a mage or lock might inspire me to actually level those toons.

So what would you guys recommend for a complete Arena noob?  I've never even set foot in an Arena, only done BGs and I prefer to heal in those.  I can roll 3 toons total on the server, so I have some flexibility.  Hmm, maybe one disc priest, one ret pally, one frost mage?  Oh, and if you've got any good places to look for strats and addons and builds and all that stuff, please pass them along.

(and third part of how to disc (leveling and uis) is coming.  I got distracted by trying to figure this out)

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  1. My first advice would be to try out different classes. Like you said, you aren't really in it to win, just to have fun. So take this opportunity to suddenly have geared level 80s of any class. Try out mage. Try out lock.

    My second advice, if you have never been in arena before, go with a class you are familiar with.

    My third advice, look through *every* ability you have and keybind it. Things you may have never thought were useful before can suddenly change the outcome of a game in arena. Coordination and control is so much more important, every tiny little detail counts.