Sunday, May 23, 2010

WTH do I do with the pally?

So the pally is halfway through 77, and I need to figure out what she's doing at 80.  Right now she's ret/holy, but hasn't healed a 5 man since that ok run, and I'm completely unenamoured of holy in 5 mans.  Things might change once I get some gear, but I a) can't stand the lack of group heal options, and b) am so sick of going oom it's not even funny.

I'm leaning towards keeping the current specs, using the awesome tank/heal combo in our guild to gear with instant queues, and reciprocating by queueing with the heal on his dps so his queue is shorter.  Lyllea doesn't need anything from emblems of heroism at this point, but I figure helping him is good for the guild and good for me.

Once I get full holy tier 9, I will hopefully be able to tag along on some of the positive push alt runs, get some gear, and maybe even pug my way into icc.  I honestly don't see me tanking any time soon (I really don't like being in charge), and melee dps is not my cup of tea, so I'm not sure what else I would do with her besides extreme soloing, and I plan to try that anyway once I have a viable holy set.

The problem is that holy pallies, while insanely kickarse at healing tanks, are kinda well, mediocre at any other type of healing.  I can run 5 mans on my druid without a problem, but I fight to keep a group up as a holy pally.   The idea of fighting through heroics, or of waiting for the dps queue (generally about 15 minutes), well neither appeals.  Honestly, that would be why Garetia isn't better geared, I can't stand the wait as pure dps, and if I have another option I will take it.

This might be why I don't see myself raiding with a non-pure dps class till after Cataclysm.  The gearing options are well, not as good as the hybrid options.  I don't really see a way around that for Blizz, other than giving priority in dungeon queues to the nonhybrids, which just doesn't seem sporting.

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