Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Tuesday Stuff

First, this is apparently my 201st post.  Go me!

Second, randomness, since my main server is down for 24 hours (which is far better than the 72 hours I thought it was).
Adowa is merrily gearing up as ret and holy.  I ran a lot of normal TOC, Forge, and Pit yesterday and got some nice drops. I also played "pull off the tank" and "wow, ret is just like marks, but with positioning and longer cooldowns".  I really miss fade/feign death, but at least I can survive a mob's attention.  I also learned that Divine Intervention requires a reagent.  I should get some of those for saving the healer.  What can I say, I like my healers and most of them will rez me?

I then got into a just before server reset TOC 25, and ran into the BUG OF DOOM! Or the bug of really annoying fail DPS, whichever you'd like to call it.  Garetia (my hunter who could use shinies from TOC) was unable to Chimera Shot, Steady, Arcane, Aimed, Tranquilizing, Serpent Sting, or anything other than Volley or Autoshot. I kept being told "Invalid Target".  I fiddled with the ui, disabled lunarsphere and bartended, and just couldn't get rid of it.  So once Beasts were done, I switched to Lyllea (who had no problems) and dpsed as shadow.  It never ceases to amaze me how different the fights are as dps.

For example, the twins. As a healer I go light or dark (whichever they tell me), switch when DBM says so, and heal.   As DPS, I go light or dark, try to get orbs of my color while avoiding the other color orbs, switch to the other twin occasionally, and switch colors when DBM says so.  All while trying desperately to maintain my shadow rotation of complicated.   And yes, healing is less complicated. I keep prayer of mending going bouncy, flash heal, and play whack-a-shield, with the occasional "oh crap" penance. I don't really plan things out, I don't pay attention to cooldowns, and I don't care about my latency.  I care about all these things as shadow.  It's why I have a special addon just for it.

On the plus side, Garetia did get new pants.  They're leather, but they're a big upgrade.

And in other random news, Lyllea is officially a switch hitter for the ICC 25 I do. This means that I should stop talking about hitting shadowpriest.com for advice and actually do so. Hopefully my fail is something simple like not using a dot or misgemming, instead of "you're doing it completely wrong".  Though "you're doing it completely wrong" would not be bad IF doing it right is easier.

Now back over to Trollbane, to continue my drain tanking experiment.  My 'lock was demonology, and I just respec'd.  I miss my stronger blueberry, but I like draining life and the better life tap.  We'll see how this ends up. If by some miracle she makes it to 80, I'll probably go Demonology from what I know about the trees.  Not a big fan of the dot-maintaining dps style, though I applaud those who are good at it.  Merlin knows I'm not.

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