Friday, June 25, 2010

Yay another 50

Eiunn hit 50 earlier today.  She's only my second toon to make it to 50 without RAF.  The fire festival buff is really helping, as is actually getting the dungeon quests.  And she even managed to get into a successful Sunken Temple run.  Of course now she has to go back for her class quest, but I'm hoping I can talk a guildie into a quick runthrough.

In other news I got bored and took a test today.  I think the results are pretty darn accurate.
It's not so much the wandering around and poking about, but that euphoric eureka moment the Explorer strives for. The joys of discovery do not necessarily involve geography, real or virtual. They may derive from the mental road less traveled, the uncovering of esoteric or hidden knowledge and it's creative application. Explorers make great theory crafters. The most infinitesimal bit of newness can deliver the most delicious zing to an Explorer.

Secondary Influences:
Explorer Socializers are the glue of the online world. Not only do they like to delve in to find all the cool stuff, but they also enjoy sharing that knowledge with others. Explorer socializers power the wikis, maps, forums and theory craft sites of the gamer world.

I was 87% explorer, 67% socializer, 40% achiever, and 7% killer. 

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