Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RP Stuffs

I have no randomness!  Or rather I have much randomness but I must wait till I get permission to post it.  Let's just say Sat's raids were AWESOME!

Instead I thought I would do some RP stuff.  So randomly, here's my RP questionnaire, filled out for Garetia.

What's your background/backstory?
I was born shortly before the Sundering.  I have spent most of my life living in Darkshore.  I like wandering the wilderness and fishing. I love fishing.  I'm sorry, were you expecting more? Just because I'm thousands of years old doesn't mean I've lived an exciting life. It's only recently that I've taken to wandering around the world rather than wandering around Darkshore and fishing. I blame the orcs, and Alsein.  He joined the fight, and talked me into it as well.  I pray every night that he's well and happy.  I do miss him.
How do you feel about your leaders?
The archdruid is an idiot and I'm not sure he's still sane. Tyrande has my loyalty and my respect, but I disagree with her decision to resettle in Darnassus.  The new world tree is a huge mistake, and I can only hope that mistake does not come back to haunt us like so many other of our mistakes have.
As far as the other Alliance leaders go, the human king acts more like a three year old then any other human I ever met.  Why is he king?  The gnome leader seems pretty decent, and he's admitted his mistakes and is trying to fix them.  Velen is extremely admirable, but I find the draenei as a whole to be too alien to really relate to.  As far as the dwarf king goes, I just hope he's not like his brother Brann.  That man is insane.
How do you feel about the other faction?
Orcs need to die.  The tauren have chosen the wrong side, but they will hopefully realize their mistake soon.  And we made a mistake as well, by never coming to their aid.  The undead are driven by hate, and that is a dangerous dangerous thing.   They seem to hate the living almost as much as the Lich King, and that plus their newfound immortality is beyond terrifying.  The trolls, well, as long as they stick to their jungles and don't try to eat me, I say live and let live.  The Sindorei are almost as dangerous as the undead, and given their history, I am extremely hesitant to let them live.  I do pity them, as I cannot imagine being so addicted to something that you turn to demons to get your fix.  Hopefully the Queldorei will be able to come to terms with their loss and renounce arcane magic.  If they do, I will happily accept them as kin.
What's your motto?
I find the idea of a motto to be a strange one.  There is not one precept I live my life by, but many.
1. Respect Nature
2. Obey the teachings of Elune.
3. Cherish and respect those you love.
Those would be the three most important ones.

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