Friday, June 11, 2010

So, yeah, a bit lacking on the postage.  Sorry about that. Certification exam tomorrow, along with Worldwide Knit in Public day and a friend's Very Important Occasion. Been studying for the exam most of the week, and knitting obsessively when I wasn't studying. Oh, and at some point tomorrow I must get a watermelon to saturate with vodka.

I did figure out one thing wrong with my shadow dps. I have one healy trinket which is no good for shadow. I also picked up a second piece of shadow tier 9 to see if the longer-lasting Vampiric Touch helps any.

Oh, and Adowa went on her first raid. The weekly is Flame Leviathan, so she rode around on a bike and got Firesoul for her healing set. Shinies.

I hope to return you to your regularly scheduled ramblings on Monday.  Maybe by then I will have done something or discovered something or at least my brain will not be trying to remember the 7 different classifications of fonts, the difference between rastor and vector graphics, wtf a metafile is, and the principles of design.

Ooh, I really am coming unglued. Raster, not rastor. I'll just go sing the Doom song now, shall I?

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