Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, in the hurry of leveling, I kinda forgot about fishing. My herbalism's at 379 (possibly because I hit 340 before I hit Outlands), my alchemy is at 340ish, and cooking is also at 340. Fishing, well, that was sitting at 301. And that's a problem when the zone you're almost done with (got the achievement and everything) has a minimum 335.

So it's fishing with a passion, cursing Blizzard for making me catch on average 10 fish per point, cursing because bright baubles don't raise my fishing score enough (+ 75 at this point takes me to 395, and I still lose a third of my fish), and cursing when I lose fish even after using the fish attractor. Honestly, if I'm sitting at over 400 (with the attractor), and the min is 335, I don't think I should be losing fish!

Needless to say, this is going to take a while. A long while. Like 20 minutes got me from 309 to 313 a while. On the plus side I got scavenger and caught 1000 fish last night.

Looks like this will be my view for a while to come.

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