Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holy Wall of Text, Batman!

So, my hands no longer hurt much, but they are randomly trembling (tired muscle sort of thing). Sadly, this means I've not gotten much done. All alts are at level 5 or above, and they're all parked at inns. Garetia is 73% through level 68, with enough rested XP to get her halfway through 69, but I just can't play her for long. Trembling hands are not good when you're trying to keep up precise shot rotations.

I did take down Gutripper by myself (okay, with Boo the tanking warp stalker), and I am insanely proud of that. (Gutripper is one of the Nesingwary elites in Nagrand, and the last time I took one on (with a warrior partner), we both got squished. I think it's the new gun and the level I've gained since then).

But I've been doing a lot of reading (I really don't idle well, and have to be doing something), and I started thinking about this new dual spec thing. First, the cost. 1k. I'll be over here laughing my arse off. I have 4oo gold spread out over 10 characters. I've been saving up for flying training (and a griffon, but not the elite kind). I could start selling herbs rather than using them to level alchemy, but I don't really want to do that again. I don't buy things in the auction house (okay, so there were those two stacks of iron bars a week ago, but I just finished mithril on Llonya and I couldn't face going back for more iron ore, again). Perhaps I should rephrase to I generally don't buy things on the AH, with occasional profession leveling related exceptions.

Now, I've been told by a friend that if you save all the gold you get from quest rewards, equipment drops, and dungeon running from 60-70, you'll have enough for flying. That's 900 gold total, or 800 if you're just buying the skill Now, I'm thinking she did this before they sped up the leveling, but I could be wrong. I'm hopeful I'll have the gold by 70, but if not, no loss. I can't use flying till 77 now anyway. But that's the drawback to the increase in leveling speed (not that I'm complaining about it). Less quests per level means less quest rewards and less gold. Yes, I could go run dailies, but I need to level. Gold is secondary to the leveling thing. But if I hit 77 and can't buy the cold weather flying, I may be doing a ton of dailies. And do I have to buy the Outlands training before I buy cold weather? Cause if not, I'll just be putting the Outlands one off for a bit.

So 1k is just out of my reach right now. And then there's the second thing...

What good is a dual spec to a hunter? When am I likely to use this?
I thought about it for a little while, and this is what I came up with.
If you can't find a tank for an instance, respecing BM, and respecing your pet (probably a gorilla) to tank. Now, Boo is already speced to tank, but the lack of BM talents means that he's nowhere near strong enough to survive against a boss. I had enough trouble keeping him up against Gutripper. And yes, I pull threat off him on occasion. I should probably figure out what my DPS is.

Respeccing for crowd control or maximum damage. You could also respec for PVP, but I am massive levels of suck at PVP, and thus have no knowledge of the subject. (I have never seen the Alliance win in any battleground I've been in, ever. I'm not sure if it's my battlegroup, just when I go into them, or if I am just massive bad luck)

Now, when I get the shammy and the pally to 40 (if I do), I will be seriously looking at the dualspecs on them. I'm thinking ret/holy for the pally and elemental/resto for the shaman. But that's a long way off and by then I'll have Garetia all the way to 80, running dailies and gathering herbs for cash. Hopefully Llonya (dk) will also be at 80, and I'll also be using her as a cash cow.


  1. I'm about 95% sure you have to have the Outlands flying before you can learn the Cold Weather Flying.

    I have the same suggestions for making money that BRK does: Skinning and Herbalism/Mining. My DK became my new main, and I went Skinning and Herbalism on him for a few reasons:

    #1 Moolah
    #2 Min/Max the gathering buffs: Crit is golden for DK's and the Healing from Herbs goes well (and doesn't share a cooldown) with the Draenei healing spell. Plus he's mainly blood, so he dies very infrequently.

    In order to get your first flying out of the way, you pretty much have to sell everything you get. All greens, all prof mats. If a quest reward isn't a direct upgrade (cause face it, you're 68, nothing in Outland will compare to Northrend), pick the item that sells for the most (Informat from auctioneer is great for this). Sell everything that's not grey on the AH, if you don't think it'll sell, put the minimum bid for whatever the vendor would pay for it and double that for the buyout. You'll be surprised at the money you pull in doing that. Also, have only 1 toon act as the AH banker. Send all your stuff to that toon, have them sell it on the ah.

    Daily quests will still give you xp if you're not at the lvl cap, so they don't give as much gold as they used to because of that. And once you hit 80, the lvl 70 dailies don't give as much gold either. But, once you DO hit 80, the money does start to flow better, as long as you continue to not spend it.

    The first flying training is annoying, I think Blizzard really dropped the ball on having us moving at 100% speed and knocking it back to 60%. They should've left basic flying at 100%, and the epic at 210%. That's still over a doubling of the speed if they had done that. Once you get epic flying on one toon, you'll HATE not having it on any of the others.

  2. Whoops, forgot to stick in that wall'o'text that I'm glad your wrist is doing better and I hope it continues to get well quickly.

  3. Thank you.

    I'm not horribly worried about the cash flow, just a bit shell-shocked by it. At lvl 30, the gold I needed to get my mount almost bankrupted me, and the same at lvl 60. If I need to spend a little extra time running dailies (already doing the Shat fishing one for the pet), and farming, so be it. And once I max out alchemy, I will be selling all the herbs I gather.

    Honestly I heart the alchemy/herbalism combo to death. It may not be as much of a huge money-maker, but I always have random useful potions in my bag.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will certainly be using them.