Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why do we love the alts we love?

I started thinking (always a dangerous thing) about why I play the alts I play. I have two baby hunters, and I haven't touched either one in a month. I love my main hunter, so why no baby hunter love?

One, I'm mostly playing my main. When I play an alt, I want a break, and the same playstyle isn't really a break.

Two, I miss the feeling of power I have with my main.

Three, I don't like looking at the troll. This is sad, since I went to all that time and trouble to get her a moth. It would be really silly to turn her into a blood elf just so she'd be pretty.

On the other hand, looks aren't everything. I adore the way my mage looks, but she's languishing at 21, and has been since November. I find the gameplay annoying (apparently there is a trick to playing a mage, and I don't know it. A friend's offered to watch me play and give tips, so we'll see what I think after that)

I think the most important thing is the break. Combine a different way of playing with the power and the pretty and that may be why I am starting to fall in love with my DKs, especially Linaev. Unholy spec is INSANE. INSANE! I took down all the servants of Omen and ended the fight at FULL HEALTH. I'm still trying to figure out how I managed that. Plus my minion, though not attractive, does make funny noises. Now if I could just get the mining to Outland levels so I can start leveling her...
On that note, This is a DK tutorial, covering all 3 specs. Well-worth the read.

And the bugs in Love is in the Air continue... so far I am aware of..
2. The achievement for getting the 3 cities things doesn't work Alliance-side. No clue on Horde.
3. The ice thing is still repeating randomly.

Here's hoping Blizz fixes them soon, and hey, why do you guys play your alts?


  1. I found out about the Stormwind Harbor guards last night, after wasting a couple of tokens on them. Oops.

    I play alts because I enjoy multiple facets of the game. For the longest time I had hunter mains. Since the expansion came out, I've had a DK main, mostly by accident. I wanted to test the new class out, and it was really fun. They had a great starting area, and it was a nice change to go from a ranged dps pet class to a melee class that was nigh unkillable.

    I've been itching to play the hunter(s) again, and due to moving toons around servers, I've had to change the profs of the one I was going to play up, and he's now going through the mining struggle that you have gone through. After 2 nights (really only about 3 or 4 hours) of work he's halfway through iron, but as he's 70, waiting to go to Northrend, it's a struggle.

    I've also had an itch to try my rogue out, but one at 62 and one at 46 makes that a little less appealing than if they were 70.

    Sorry for the long-ass comment, but I do enjoy your blog.

  2. I like long. As far as the mining goes, I've found the maps here to be really helpful. You can do it, just keep at it! The payoff will be worth it.

    It's nice to come back to the hunter after a break, I think. Helps me remember why I love the class so.

    Glad you like the blog!

  3. Thank you for the link. I used it last night and went from 165 to 221 mining (after smelting all the mithril). Only played for an hour and half or so. Hopefully, the next push will get me to Outland.

  4. Why do I play my alts? For a few reasons:

    There are alts I'm levelling (or planning on levelling) in tandem with someone else.

    There are alts I play because I want to try something new.

    There are alts I play because I love playing the class.

    There are alts I play because I love levelling the class.

    There are alts I play because I know people on the server and want to play with them someday.

    Right now, that means the only alts I never seem to play are my warrior and my mage, and I promise to do better on them. Every other class gets playtime from me.