Friday, February 13, 2009

A little Pally love

My main's basically been running around Ironforge trying to get the pet and dress and picnic basket, so I've been showing the alts a little love, especially my pally (and the DKs, but for them it's just craft leveling). I've used up all her rested xp, got her to 24, and started the pally weapon quest. Now I have to find people to run Shadowfang Keep, Blackfathoms, and Deadmines with.

It's a nice change from the hit it, run away method of the hunter, and if I don't run oom, I don't die. Ideally I'd like to have her as a main tank healer, but I'm currently spec'ed in a weird combo of holy (so I can heal myself easier), prot (for blessing of the kings), and ret (for dps).

I have the following comments..

I LOVE consecrate. Best spell ever.
Once I got used to the seal change it was lovely.
I still want ranged attacks. Stupid gnolls keep fleeing.

And a bit of eye candy, because I can...

My Belf DK (Linaev) in her purple dress. Why the dresses look so much better on the elves I dunno, but they do.

And yes, I got the pet. Now back to leveling, I guess. At least she's got more rested xp now.


  1. Oh and Judgement of Justice...4 more levels!

  2. I think you're right. Or elves just naturally have more style.

    Ooh, something to look forward to!