Thursday, February 19, 2009

A slight problem

Okay, we have hit a bit of an iceberg.

I have tendonitis (I may not be spelling that right) in both wrists. I am having a flare-up. Typing hurts. WoW is sadly, right out.

Combine this with grad school apps (and nothing makes you feel more like a worthless waste of oxygen than applying to school) and the possible need to retake the GREs (NOOOOOOOOOOO!) and there may not be much WoW for a while. Especially if I need to retake the GREs. I hate the GREs. They're so slanted towards the English majors it's not even funny. I can do multi-variable calculus, so why exactly am I being tested on prealgebra? Sigh.

Wish me luck, and I promise to update as I can!


  1. Doh! I hope the tendonitis (or tendinitis I saw it in one spot) calms down soon. Good luck on the applications and the possible GRE's (but hopefully not needed).

    Was looking forward to your take on the alt project. I undertook it a while ago, just not with all the professions. They've all changed significantly since I did it though.

    Got mah hunter done with the old worlds' mining and he's now running around Northrend. Outland was amazingly easy to get through (thanks to the Netherwing ledge).

    Calculus kicked my ass, and I hold it responsible for killing my urge to continue my education. But I'm glad there are people out there who not only excel at it, but enjoy it.

  2. It generally calms down after a few days.
    Don't worry, the alt project will still be going ahead (if my guild doesn't kick my arse for not hitting 80 yet).

    Yay for getting mining done!

    Unfortunately calculus had to be part of my education, and at first it was the most evil thing ever. I got the hang of derivations just in time to be hideously confused by integrals. But it was that or statistics if I wanted to graduate high school.