Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Tale of 3 Dungeon Runs

In the last 2 days, I've run 3 dungeons on two toons.

First, Adowa. She needed a gem from Blackfathom for her pally weapon. So I hit lfg, and eventually I had a group. One lvl 17 rogue, one priest (around my level), and a feral druid. I tanked, the priest healed, and the other two did DPS. See any problems?
Runners. As a pally I have almost no ranged attack, making it very difficult for me to catch a fleeing mob. So the rogue and the feral ran down the runners when they saw them, and the priest hit them when he could, but it led to quite a few wipes. I did manage to hold aggro, which made me happy. And when I admitted I'd never tanked before, they were all quite helpful. I found it to be more stressful than healing, but still quite enjoyable. I'm still leveling ret, but I will be willing to tank from now on.

Then right after I finished BFD, someone in Adowa's guild wanted to run Strat. I've never run Strat (except for an elder run), so I switched over to Garetia. We ended up with one lvl 64 dk (who was a great tank), a lvl 57 pally (my guidlie), and Garetia (lvl 68 mm). It was great. We cleared almost the entire thing, downed the Baron, and then the pally had to go. Fi (my priest friend) was nice enough to come in to help us down the archivist and the live boss, and it was so much fun! I made 50 g off the blue bop and silver drops alone.

Then today, the pally wanted to finish up Strat. We got another hunter (lvl 60) and we got fairly far in, but were wiping frequently. The pally couldn't hold aggro (not that I would expect him to hold off me), and with so many mobs, that's a recipe for death. We called it, and will try again later. I did get a boot upgrade (I've had the worst luck with boot drops), so that made me happy. All I really want out of the next run is the mount and the key, but I would happily settle for the key. Hit 75 or so, respec BM, grab and level a gorilla and go to town in there.

Alt Project update coming soonish...

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