Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Alt Project

I have given myself a challenge. One of each class (except the DK) to at least level 20, but mount level prefered. I am calling it the Alt Project, since well, it's a project involving alts.

Now, not only must I get these baby alts to 20/30, but I must also do a dungeon run where they play a proper role (instead of just getting run through by a high-level character). Extra points if I manage to get to perform more than one role (healing one run, tanking the next, for example).

And one more thing...
I must get their professions (not counting fishing, cooking, and first aid) also up to at least 150.

So where do I stand so far?
Pally's lvl 24 and has healed a Shadowfang run.
Mage is 21. I don't want to level her, so I may save her for last. Stupid fragile glass cannons.
Rogue is 11 (I leveled her some this weekend), and I got a rogue past 10! Go me! She's wandering around Teldrassil, and having fun.
Shaman is 11 as well, and I am slowly pulling her off bank toon duty.
Warrior is 0 (I kinda need to roll one)
Warlock's 21? 22? Somewhere in there.
Priest is 10 or 3, depending on which priest.
Druid is level 2.

I've got lots to go, but I think it's not a bad start. Hopefully doing this will give me a sense of how each class plays, as well as how all the various professions work. Plus, if I ever get tired of my hunter, I'll have a bunch of baby toons to choose from.

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