Monday, February 9, 2009

Multiboxing and 10 coins on a level 10

So I've been considering multiboxing (once I have a job so I can pay for two accounts). I've been looking for info on and off, and I found these posts over at Amara Knows Aggro.
Part 1, the basics (or having your own pet healer
Part 2->Using a high level toon to boost lowbies
Part 3-> actually playing two toons at once

She's got an interesting blog, and I'd recommend checking out some of her other posts.

In other news, I'm pushing to get Linaev all the Lunar Festival patterns. I need 30 coins (35 if I want to get her a dress), and I'm at 19. It's giving me a chance to see the Horde areas in places like Ashenvale, where Garetia spent her early 20s.

And in a last little bit of Lunar Festival stuff, I figured since I did the ten coins on level ten toons for both the Horde and the Alliance, I'd list what I think are the easiest to get.
1. Darnassus
2. Dolonnar (just go inland from Darnassus)
3. Darkshore
4. Astraanar
5. Ratchett, the Barrens (you will die getting here, but you'll want the fp later),
6. Booty Bay
7. Stormwind
8. Goldshire
9. Ironforge
10. Kharanos
If you don't want to do the Barrens and Booty Bay, try Westfall and Loch Modan.

1. Undercity
2. Brill
3. Thunderbluff
4. Bloodhoof Village
5. Camp Taurajo, Barrens
6. Crossroads, Barrens
7. Org
8. Razor Hill
9. Ratchett
10. Astranaar (you'll die, but it's an easy run from the Barrens. Just swim around the city and you'll see the elder. Nicely water-accessible)
another option is Booty Bay if you're not comfortable with Ashenvale.

I managed to do possibly the oddest route possible on my horde, involving running from Grom'grol to Booty Bay. As you may have noticed, I occasionally fail on the thinking things through bit. But I think this should be pretty easy for any level 10. For my alliance toon, it was a piece of cake, and my only deaths were on the trip from Astranaar to the Barrens. And let's face it, you'll want the flight points later, so you might as well get them now.

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