Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Completely non-WoW related...(except that I've been known to do a couple rows while waiting for a raid to get going)

Hand-knit socks are insanely, insanely comfortable. Now I have motivation to finish up the second one. And figure out how to fix the screwy heel.

Yes, I knit. Mostly lace. It's a great stress-reliever for one, and well, I am completely incapable of sitting still and watching TV. I must read or knit or do something.

In WoW stuff, my warlock finally has a succubus. Also, I never thought I would find a spec that burns through mana as quickly as the MM hunter, but yup, the warlock manages it. Thank goodness for the wand.

I also ran Shadow Labs in a three man. Me, a really good resto druid (lvl 80) and a lvl 70 warrior tank. We burned it down, and apparently I did good. YAY! (It was a guildie run, and the lvl 80 is an experienced raider. If she says I did good, I did.) I even got a trinket (reduces my threat, great for delaying the inevitable aggro off the cat).

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