Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where it all got started

I play D&D. Not the online kind, the old school one played with shiny dice, paper, and books. I've been playing since college and I love it. And I was randomly surfing youtube and I found this (I started with Firefly and somehow wound up with it).

That's a local band (well sort of local, if you don't mind a fairly long drive), and the song cracks me up. Possibly because in our current campaign, I am the damn thief, and the last time the party let me out of their sight we ended up with a Holy Hand Grenade. And an archmage really pissed at us, but that's another story entirely and I blame it completely on the gnome. *nods head sagely*

Anyway, with this entire broohah about bring the player not the class, and composition of raids and much qqing, I figured we could all use a funny little reminder of where this all started.

(Yes, I play the thief. A half-elf teenager with 16 charisma, a wizard father, and an emo half-elf druid for a boyfriend. Our campaign is nothing if not interesting)

Also, this just makes me happy.

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