Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on the Alt Project

Well, I've rolled all the toons, and here's where I stand...
Druid-> level 5, will be inscription/herbalism
Pally->level 26, engineering already above 150, leaving only mining (currently at 112). And she can make fishing lures, which my main needs. Yay.
Mage->level 21, actually got played for a bit yesterday, enough to give her teleports to SW, IF, and Exodar. Mining is 115, and JC is 96. Have I mentioned I hate the bronze/iron gap? I do.
Rogue->Level 14 Leatherworking is 45ish, and skinning is 78 or so. Not really liking leatherworking, but I'm hoping that will change.
Priest->Level 5, at an inn. Still debating professions. I'm leaning towards herbalism/Alchemy simply because it's been so long since I had a low-level alchemist.
Warrior->Also level 5, also at an inn. Mining/Blacksmithing for her and she's learned mining.
Shaman->Still level 11, now ready to level. Tailoring is maxed at 150, and enchanting is at about 110.

I have a few things to decide, like do I run all the space goats through Azuremyst, or send some elsewhere? I've never actually run a low level toon through the dwarf quests past level 5, so I may send someone over there. Since the shaman, priest, warrior, and mage are all space goats, I'm getting sick of their quests. Also, do I pick up tailoring and say, herbalism on the priest, or do herbalism/alchemy (since my only alchemist is my main), or do I do something weird?

My plan right now is to try to get the 3 lowest toons to level 10 (so I can create a Alt Project toon list with armory links), then level one at a time.

I have figured out a few useful things though...
Jewelcrafting rocks for low level alts.
Engineering is a bit of a pain, but you get exploding sheep. Plus goggles.
Leatherworking is great for low-level hunters. Make your own quivers/ammo pouches.
Blacksmithing is a decent profession for any melee character.

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