Thursday, March 5, 2009


Pike of Aspect of the Hare had an interesting post on what titles your character would have, if any here. I answered there, but wanted to expand on it here (plus there are RP reasons).

Garetia is currently the mad in Flag RSP, mostly because everyone believes she's insane. Basically Elune appeared to her and told her that Darnassus was corrupted beyond repair and must be destroyed. She actually spent a few years in the care of healers for that. She doesn't want to destroy her race, rather transplant them to Darkshore and Ashenvale. It's the reason that her mounts make no sense. She believes anything from Darnassus is tainted beyond recovery.
There is the Insane coming in 3.1, but unless Blizzard changes things I really don't think it's doable. I would like to get her Diplomat, Loremaster, and Old Salty though.

My space goat DK would be the Happy. Partly because she is, and partly because it'd confuse a ton of people. She suffered a bit of brain damage with the dying and being rezed and having melee skills shoved into her priest brain, and now she's happy all the time. Not a bad way to live, and yes this is an antidote to all the brooding "oh noes my life is horrible" dks on my server. We're not even going to discuss the demon disguised as a ne who forgot that he was a demon until Arthas brought him back as a dk.

My pally would like to be the Holy or Knight, and my mage would just like to make it to 30 without dying every ten minutes. I think one of the tricks with her was rearranging her casting bar so I can easily recognize the instant spells (also known as the "oh shit I'm in melee spells").

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