Monday, March 9, 2009

Why choose a gathering profession?

One, gold. Mining seems to be the best moneymaker, especially with the lower level ores.
Two, the nifty abilities. I heart my herbalism healing thing, it's one of my panic buttons. The skinning thing and the mining thing aren't bad, but man I love my self heal panic button.
Three, it gives you an excuse to wander all over the place.

And while I'm at it, fishing + alchemy rocks. I made 20 pygmy oil (which I had already fished up while getting fish for healing/mana replenishment food. The 20 oil took me from 375 to 390ish alchemy with no effort at all.

Oh, and I discovered something very shiny today. I did the mating of the sea cow daily, and you can kite the bull over to the cow as long as you have one fish. Saves a ton of time when you're competing for pools with half the server.

Now, back to attempting to get the desktop to boot. I got it to boot once, and then WoW crashed it again. Now it won't finish booting. This could take a while.

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  1. Didn't know that about the kiting the bulls. Good luck with the desktop. I think it was too much baby murloc cuteness from the background pic.