Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Funnies

(I would like to offer apologies to Terry Pratchett, who I stole the immaterial name line from. He is full of win and awesome and if you've never read any of his books you really really should.)

A female draenei, dressed in robes, with an exclamation point over her head, stood just inside Forest Song. A gnome, dressed in leather and carrying two daggers, ran up to her and spoke...
"So, what's your name, pretty space goat?"

"My name is immaterial," the draenei replied, looking down at him.

"That's a pretty name," the gnome said, smiling up at her.

The draenei rolled her eyes. "No, you don't understand. I'm immaterial."

The gnome poked her.


"No, you're not. You're solid."

"Hey! No touching the quest NPCs. Look, all I'm saying is that my name is unimportant."

"But you just said it was immaterial!"

"You know what, I think I'll find someone else to do this quest," and the draenei stalked off. The gnome ran after her.

"Wait, I need the rep!"

And because I am too lazy to go through my massive screenshot folder, and also because it is a free LotRO weekend (and if I could find the discs I would so be reinstalling to try it again), I give you a silly LotRO shot.

You know, you'd think growing about 3 feet, shaving off the beard, managing to go from stocky to willowy, and growing pointy ears would successfully disguise me. Damn you!

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