Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wow Mistakes, and how I would fix them

There seems to be a bunch of qqing about what Blizz has done wrong lately, or maybe it's just me reading Wow Insider too much. So I thought I might talk about what I consider their mistakes to be, and how I would fix them. And I should probably add that I think Blizz has done an amazing job overall, and I'm certainly not suggesting I could do anything better. I just wanted to offer solutions to QQing.

Major Problem One, the old world is deserted. So is Outlands.
Major Problem Two, end-game is a bit of a drag. My guild seems to spend their time leveling alts and doing Wintergrasp, with the occasional dungeon run. I'm kinda sick of leveling at this point, so I have yet to experience end-game for myself. But I do get the sense that it's more or less what I'm doing now. Grind rep with factions, try to get gold, maybe work on Achievements or professions, and try to get more shiny things. Only difference I can see is that their shiny things all come out of dungeons, whereas most of mine are quest rewards.

One semi-easy fix to both problems is as follows...

Remember all those old-world and Outlands instances? The ones I've mostly never seen and no one has a reason to run save for achievements and seeing the content. Why not update them? Have different options for all dungeons from Deadmines to Sunwell, one for the original leveling dungeon, one for 10 man, and one for 25 man. To make it even better, have both heroic and regular options. Have updated loot, maybe updated versions of the original loot for extra awesome, and of course achievements. It would give people some reason to go see the old stuff, and give guilds more dungeons to run. Imagine taking Onyxia down in a heroic 25 man. You can't tell me that wouldn't be a blast.

Major Problem Three, DKs. They're awesome when you're playing them, and kinda annoying when you're not.

Let's face it, it's almost impossible to balance every class for 4 things, especially considering the diversity of specs, skill, and gear. That's part of the DK problem. The other part of the problem is that since DKs are easy to level, everyone has one, whether they're good at playing them or not.

There are several possible solutions, but every one has some downsides.
First, you could allow anyone to roll one of any class (complete with fast mount and awesome blue gear) once they hit lvl 55 on any class. This will make the old world even more empty than it already is, but it might a) help with the healer shortage, and b) do something about the plague of DKs in Outlands. It might also help the lvl 59 Battleground bracket, which DKs rule.
Second, you could allow people to roll another lvl 55 (again with the shiny gear and mount) once they have one of that class at lvl 55. Aka, you get one priest to level 55, you can now roll another on any server at hero level.
Now, neither option really helps with class balance, but it would cut down on the sheer number of DKs. You could also leave in the one per server rule, so that you can a) roll a DK, b) roll a shaman at lvl 55, or c) keep your DK and level the shaman the old-fashioned way (or as old fashioned as you get with RAF and bind on account xp-boosting gear). I can forsee maassive QQing if they decided to keep the limit in, and heck I'd probably be doing some of it. I may not play my DK much, but darn it, she's tanked Scholo, and I've spent a ridiculous amount of time leveling professions (and still not done). I'm attached now.

Major Problem Four, class balancing for arena PVP, regular PVP, end game PVE (aka raiding), and questing PVE.
There's an easy solution to this, different rules for PVP and PVE. Take serpent sting. Maybe it's horribly overpowered in Arenas,semi-oeverpowered in BGs , but great in PVE. Blizz could nerf it for Arena PVP, semi-nerf it in BGs (though you would have to be careful not to change the core behavior of the ability), and not touched in PVE. Yes, it would be a bit awkward at first, but it'd be nicer than constantly being nerfed or buffed based on an activity I never engage in.

I'd also like to see BGs based on skill, but since I have no idea how to do this, I'll just leave it be. Basically it seems kinda wrong to me that someone like me, who is massive fail at PVP, can just follow the mass and get honor points when I really am not doing anything an am 5 levels lower than most everyone else.

Feel free to offer any suggestions you have for what you'd like to fix, and how you'd fix it. And since I've been all serious, I give you fanservice...

Yes, her dress matches her skin tone. No, I did not mean to do that. And yes, that's my priest. Grumpy space goats for the win.

And lastly,

I dinged while Harrison Jones was saving me. That's almost as wrong as hitting lvl 69 while doing the Scholo key quest.

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